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Knowing how to get around is very important.  Bangkok  is a massive city and Tourist sites are spread all over.  There are many forms of transport in Bangkok and below they are listed –


Taxi – This is the most convenient way to travel around Bangkok.  Taxis are everywhere and available 24 hours a day.  There cheap and the fare starts at 35baht for the first 2 kms, just make sure the meter is switched on before setting off to avoid overcharging.  The only downside is Bangkok is just like any other large city, during rush hour the traffic is very bad.


Tuk Tuk (Sam Lor) – If you have ever spoken to someone who has been to Bangkok no doubt you will have heard about Tuk Tuk’s.  These three wheeled bike carts are a great way to get around and very popular with tourists.  They’re quick and easy to use and great in rush hour traffic.  Tuk Tuk’s have no meter so you’ll have to negotiate your price before travelling.


BTS – This is known as the sky train. It’s basically a train track which runs above the roads.  It is without a doubt the best way to get around BKK during the day.  The train is quick, cheap, safe, reliable and has stations at most areas you will want to visit.  It’s also a great way to see the city as its raised high above the roads.


MRT - This is Bangkok’s underground train, used with the BTS you’ll be able to travel all over Bangkok.  Again this is a cheap way to travel and the service is very reliable.


BUS – There are many buses in Bangkok with more than 100 routes.  Buses are hardly used by tourists, the reason being they can be hard to figure out and considering the high temperatures & pollution of rush hour traffic it is not the best way to get around.  They are very cheap though with fares starting at 8 baht


Motorbike Taxi - The most convenient and quickest way to travel short distances is to use a motorbike taxi, however this can be very dangerous as traffic I bad.  They can be found all over Bangkok and are distinguished with coloured vests/bibs. The fare depends on the distance and you should negotiate before your trip.  Remember to wear the helmet.


Boat – Bangkok has the Chaopaya River running through the city. The boats are very popular as it saves time during rush hour.  The service runs up and down the Choa Phraya River and to Nonthaburi.  Again the fare is very cheap starting at 6 baht

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