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Thai culture is very different from English and European. Before visiting it will help to know a few Hints/Tips Do's & Dont's
  • Thai people are often Smiling (Thailand is known as the land of smiles). They don't always smile for the same reasons we would. They use smiling to say hello, to apologise, to make a request and to show embarrassment.
  • Show respect for the King & the Royal Family. Thai people show/have great respect for there Royal family, you will see photos of them all over Thailand. The national anthem is played twice daily and before film showings at the cinemas. Everyone is expected to stand still and stop what they are doing until it has stopped.
  • Never insult the Royal family or joke about them, you could end up being arrested.
  • The main Religion in Thailand is Buddhism and there are Buddhist temples everywhere. These temples are beautiful and well worth a visit. However, one must show respect and wear clothing that covers the body i.e. no shorts, skirts, vests etc. As with most Thai building, footwear must be removed before entering.
  • Women are not allowed to touch a monk.
  • The head is considered to be very sacred so you should avoid touching anyone there.
  • You should avoid pointing with your feet, this is classed as rude in Thailand.
  • Thai people show great respect to elders.
  • If you are travelling away from the tourist areas public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum. Itís not the norm in Thailand to show affection in public.
  • Thai people welcome each other with a WAI, its the bringing together of the hands in the pray position and held close to the chest.
  • Drink only Bottled water.
  • Generally Thai women are very conservative, so avoid touching without there consent.
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