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Helpful Thai phrases

Formal way of ending your sentences

Krap - if you are a man
Kha - if you are a lady
Both words can also be used for yes


Hello/ Goodbye – Sa-wat-dee
How are you - Sa-bai dee mai?
I good – Sa-bai-dee
Not good – Mai Sa-bai-dee
And you - Laew khun sa-bai dee mai?
Thank you- Khop Khun
Sorry / Excuse me- Khor Tord
Pardon – Arai na?

Basic Questions

Where? - Tee nai
When?  -  Meua Rai
What? – Arai
Which? (thing) – Un nai
Where is/ are...? - .... yoo tee nai                                                                                     ( Where is the toilet - Hong nahm yoo tee nai )
How much/ many? – Tao Rai
No - Mai
Yes – Chai
I – Chun (female)/ Phome (male
You – Khun
I don’t understand - Mai khao jai
I can’t speak Thai - Pood Thai mai bpen
Never mind - mai bpen rai
Can/ Cannot – Dai/ Mai dai


Turn left/ right – leow sai/ leow kwa
Straight ahead – Trong bpai
Stop here - jort tee nee


Paeng – expensive
How much is it? – Un nee tao rai?
Can you give me discount? – Rote noi dai mai?
Have in .... colour? – Mee see...


Red- See dang
Green- See keow
Dark blue- See nam nguan
Light Blue- See faa
Pink- See chome poo
Yellow- See luang
Black- See Dum
White- See dang
Grey- See tao
Brown – See nam tarn

Dining out

Not spicy- mai ped
Spicy- ped
Can I have... – Kor....
Ice- Nam Kang
Water – Nam plao
Settle the bill – Geb dtang noi

Adjective and adverbs

Big/ Small - Yai/ Lek
Good - dee
Here/ There - Tee nee/ Tee nun
Hot/ Cold – Rorn/ Yen
A little – Nid noi
A lot/ much - Maak


0- Soon
1- Nueng
2- Song
3- Sarm
4- See
5- Haa
6- Hok
7- Jet
8- Pad
9- Gao
10- Sib
11- Sib et
12- Sib Song
13- Sib Sarm
14- Sib See
15- Sib haa
16- Sib hok
17- Sib jet
18- Sib pad
19- Sib gao
20- Yee sib
21- Yee sib et
22- Yee sib song
23- Yee sib sarm
24- Yee sib see
25- Yee sib haa
26- Yee sib hok
27- Yee sib jet
28- Yee sib pad
29- Yee sib gao
30- Sarm Sib
31- Sarm sib et
32- Sarm sib song
40-  See sib
50-  Haa sib
60-  Hok sib
70-  Jet sib
80-  Pad sib
90-  Gao sib
100-  Nueng Roi
500-  Haa Roi
1000-  Nueng Pun
10,000-  Nueng Muen
10,0000-   Nueng San
10,00000-  Neung Laan

Other useful Words

Hotel - Rong Ram
Airport - Sa-nam bin
Train station - sa-ta nee rot fai
Bus station - Bor Kor Sor
Police station - Sa-ta nee tum ruat
Restaurant - Raan Ahan
Bank – ta na karn
Hospital- Rong-pa-ya barn
Pharmacy- Rarn kaai ya
Post Office - Bpai sa nee

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