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The word Suphanburi originated from Sunskrit words,  Suphan meaning gold and Buri meaning city or town 'City of Gold'.  Suphanburi was built between 877-882 A.D, it used to be called Phanthum Buri and was on the left bank of Tha Chin River.  Later during reign of King Katae the city was moved to the right bank of Tha Chin River and the name of the city was changed to Song Phan Buri. Then King U-Thong moved the city again to the new location and under the reign of King Khun Luang Pha Ngua the name changed to Suphanburi and the city was situated on the East bank of the Tha River also know as Suphan River. Suphanburi is an old city which carries a lot of history because of the the wars with the Burmese, it was a  is border city during Khung Sri Ayutthaya period. This makes the city prosperous in culture and historical places.


Suphanburi is divided into 10 districts which are Muang Suphanburi, Domebang Nangbuat, Bangpla Ma, Si Prachan, Song pla Nong, Sam Chuk, U-Thong, Don Chedi, Dan Chang and Nong Yasai.  It is located only about 169 kilometres from Bangkok.


The main attractions of this city are places such as Banharn Jamsai Tower which is the first and highest view point tower of Thailand and Wat Suwannaphum which is the museum displaying the Supreme Patriarch antiques and ceramic domestic objects. The other attractions that should be visited are Chaloem Phatthara Rachini Park, National Museum of Thai Rice Farmers, Ban Yamaratcho, Wat Phra Rup, Wat Pratu San, City Pillar Shrine, Ancient Town Walls and Gate and Wat Palelai Worawihan.

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