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Welcome, we hope to provide the simplest way to find what you need in Thailand. Facts, resources and advice, as well as information on travel, business, shopping, Thai culture and much more.

Kingdom of Thailand

As one of the most scenic countries in Southeast Asia; Thailand has its own resources and charms which attract people from all over the world. Thailand used to be known as "Siam" up until 1939. The population of Thailand is approximately 64 million, and the highest populated area is in the capital city Bangkok (7 million). The main language is Thai though English is widely spoken in most tourist areas, especially in Bangkok.


Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It is bounded by the Andaman Sea on the left side and the Gulf of Thailand on the right. The total area is 198,115 sq miles (513,115 sq km). The lowest point is the Gulf of Thailand at 0 m and the highest point is Doi Inthanon at 2,576 m. Thailand is bordered by Malaysia to the south, Myanmar to the west, Laos to the north/northeast and Cambodia along the east. Thailand is divided into 76 provinces which are grouped into 6 regions and each province is divided into districts which are further subdivided into sub-district and villages.
The capital city is Bangkok.


Thailand has a tropical climate characterized by hot and humid conditions. The temperature varies from 19ºC to 38ºC average is approximately 29ºC. The hot season is between March to May, rainy season is June to October and cool is from November to February. The southern part of Thailand is always hot and humid.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is King Phumiphon Adunyadet and the head of government is Prime Minister.


According to a 2000 census, the majority of Thai people are Buddhist (94.6%), followed by Muslim (4.6%) whom mostly resides in the south of Thailand, Christian (0.7%) and other (0.1%).

National Flag

The Thai national flag combines by five horizontal bands: Red, white, blue, white and red.


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